About Us

DeVine is a cafe and (mostly) wine shop located in the old Black Bear Cafe’ building.  Nearby attractions include a Dog Park, Golf Course, Tennis Courts, Spa & Fitness Center.  DeVine loans out sporting equipment for bocce, cornhole, and shuffleboard courts located on top of the hill in the High Country Park.

We specialize in creating a gourmet ala carte menu available for dine-in or take-out as well as wine, beer, and cider, with an emphasis local products.  While we carry a wide selection of Virginia libations, we also have an extensive selection of exceptional wines from all over the world.  Our staff has an excellent depth of product knowledge and is always learning more to better help you make the perfect selection for every occasion.

Special orders are available (and encouraged, even)!  If you don’t see your favorite beverage on the shelf, let us know and we can get it for you. Special orders are on a pre-payment basis, so we can guarantee speedy delivery.  Contact us for more information or to inquire about specific products.

434-326-1940 or

The tasting room is open to the public, as a venue for educational events, and is also available for booking for private parties.

Denise Wright

Head Dishwasher

Denise has over 25 years of experience in the food service and hospitality industries.  Having spent 3 years building a booming business at Lewis Creek Market, and the previous 4 years at The Wine Cellar, both located in Staunton, VA,  she is knowledgeable not only about wines, but also familiar with local wines, beers, and ciders.

Denise specializes in pairing wines with cheeses and other foods, and is the true inspired mind and driving force behind DeVine.

Will Yoder

Kitchen Wizard

Will Yoder, a graduate of Johnson and Wales comes to us as our accomplished Sous Chef.  Will enjoys playing with molecular gastronomy, offering a scientific (and delicious) approach to our delicious and delightful menu.  Since joining the DeVine team, he has been taken on the most fun homework of his career, by tasting through our selection of beer and cider so he can give all our customers his educated opinion on our delightful offerings.

In his free time, Will can be found playing stringed instruments, pursuing creative ventures, and exploring the great outdoors with his beautiful dog.

Julie Scandola

Sales and Smiles

An Occupational Therapist by trade, Julie comes to us with a wide breadth of knowledge from the food, beverage, and hospitality industries, and is “service with a smile” personified.  She is the brains behind our lovely merchandising, and can point you in the right direction, no matter what brings you to DeVine.

When she’s not on the mountain, Julie can be found adventuring with the love of her life, and best friend Doug, whose idea of a fun date night sometimes includes flying over the Shenandoah valley in a helicopter.

Deven Haigis

Social Media, Website, and Book Keeping

Formerly in charge of  special orders as well as managing the retail and cafe’ portion of the market, Deven is the voice behind DeVine’s email, website, and social media presence.  She also joined us from our previous venture at Lewis Creek Market in Staunton.

A native of Kentucky, she moved to Virginia in 2010, and has been providing service with a smile to the Shenandoah Valley ever since.

As a mother of twins, Deven’s ability to multitask under pressure are unparalleled.

Deven has mostly moved on to other ventures a little closer to home so she can juggle work, life, and homeschooling those twins, but much like the elusive Sasquatch, she is known to make a rare appearance once in a blue moon. If you see her, she’ll be happy to help you find the perfect beer, wine, and gifts for any occasion!

We are DeVine and we look forward to becoming your new favorite stop at Wintergreen!